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Monday, October 17, 2011

Revamp That Chandelier 2 & 3

If you are new to the paint series this is day 17 of 31 days of the Power of Paint. If you'd like to see the entire series click  HERE.


Revamp That Chandelier 2 & 3 

I have a thing for lighting: specifically chandeliers. I did a post in February about this yellow one that I revamped. I am reposting it below as well as showing  a second and third chandelier that I revamped. 

My favorite place to buy chandeliers is the Habitat for Humanity Restore {Find one in your area HERE}. Chandeliers like mine sell for $10 to $15, can't beat that, right?
But Wait..... There is a catch... 

This is how she looked when I bought her.

Since her wires were cut, I had Joe rewired her with a  lamp rewiring kit; they are about $10 at Home Depot and come with everything you need. We rewired it with a kit that plugs in to the wall instead of one that actually wires directly to the wiring. That way, I can move it around whenever I get a wild hair {often}. Also, let me point out the sprayer handle on that spray can {Joe is also my hand model}. If you spray paint and do not have one of these, you don't know what you are missing. They are fabulous and save your fingers so much pain. It is reusable and attaches to any spray can and costs around $3.

I hung her in my blogging office. It needed a pop of color and light. This definitely did the trick.

Chandelier 2
This is my next project. {Notice the cut wires and lack of hanging hardware so this was only $10.} This one was easy to paint because the main body is made of wood, painted that 1990s Country Blue. I just painted it with some black acrylic craft paint and left the rod iron arms alone.

Here I am painting it with a foam brush, plastic lid pallet and acrylic craft paint. Acrylic is one of my favorite mediums; if I am painting a piece of art or a chandelier or even a chair, I will reach for this paint first. It is cheap, cleans up in a snap, mixes well and the coverage is unbeatable.

Here's my before and after. It took 2 coats of paint. And is instantly updated. I just need a wiring kit. {Tip: if you don't want to rewire it try those little solar lights you can get at Walmart or sometimes the Dollar store. My sister paints them whatever color the chandelier is and just puts them in the light sockets. Make sure you have the right size sockets, the ones above are tiny, the yellow one and the one below would work great for solar lights. I'll have to do a post on it soon. It's fabulous!}

Chandelier 3

This was the first chandelier that I revamped. It now hangs in my bedroom. There is no overhead light in that room but it does have a switch that works with one of the outlets. I painted this once brass chandelier a bright silver and rewired it to plug into the wall. Each one of those bulbs is 40 watts, so we call it the "Sun. As they go out, I am replacing them with 20 watts instead to save energy and not be blinded in the morning by the "Sun".

I have 2 more of these babies in my garage. The folks at the Restore love me. I have plans to paint one red and hang it in my camper with solar lights, but that's another post.

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  1. Love all of them, Doing one of these is on my list thanks for sharing! I'm now a follower here...

  2. I've been studying the one in my dining room and thinking I need a paint job...thanks for the motivation!! Following from!


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