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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stencil Chairs With Random Numbers

If you are new to the paint series this is day 13 of 31 days of the Power of Paint. If you'd like to see the entire series click  HERE.

Random Numbered Stencilled Chairs
I have had these chairs for years. They were white and had red checked seat cushions and they were pretty beat up. So I glued and clamped, sanded and painted with Rustoleum's Ultra Cover 2xx Satin Black spray paint. This paint has the BEST coverage. {Believe me, I have tried them all.} 

After painting and recovering the seats, I thought they were far too plain. Since these are going in my daughter Samantha's first apartment. I thought I'd do something a little different for her. Something unique and fun.

After considering the imperfections of the seat back, I thought I should camouflage it with something... Hmmm, you know my first thought... PAINT.

Since we are going for neutral colored decor, I decided on Vintage White Folk Art paint. It's just about the same color as the seat cushions. I got out a foam stencil brush and my fanciest pallet (plastic lid).

I purchased these number stencils at my local True Value Hardware. They were $6.99 and contain the entire alphabet as well as numbers and standard symbols. {Oh, the possibilities!}

I painted one light coat and let it dry, then apply again. I used a pouncing motion (not swirls) and very little paint. Acrylic craft paint dries in minutes. Stencilling 4 chairs took me about 30 minutes including the drying time. This is a super quick and easy project.

Here it is after 2 or 3 quick coats. Love it!!

I used a ruler at the bottom to make sure the height was even on all the stencils and I made sure the paper stencils lined up with each other at the bottom, so that they are remotely even. I don't use measurements. 

Aren't they fun? Samantha picked the random number combination. I told her people are going to ask what happened to 15 & 16. She said she will tell them, "They ran away." This is so unbelievably easy that I intend to stencil numbers all over my house. LOL!

I love them but I still need to address the sheen. Do you see the shiny and dull spots in the black paint on the chair backs? It is the one set-back of spray paint {and probably something I am doing wrong}. I am going to put a wax finish on them to even out the sheen and preserve the numbers. I will show you how it's done in an upcoming post.

Considering the fact that I do not have a furniture budget for my daughter's first apartment (who does?), this is a very inexpensive way to give her first home away from home charm and functionality.

Question for you: Do you think I should add a little black stripe on the seats? I've been thinking about it and wondering what you think? Or do I leave well enough alone? The seats are recovered in drop cloth material which is sturdy and has flecks of colored threads throughout. If I mess it up with the stripe, I figure it's only drop cloth material. I have tons of it. {I am a fabric hoarder, I admit it freely.} What would you do?

Tomorrow's Post: Easy Sweater Pumpkins {Taking a break from painting for a day.}

UPDATE: See what I did to the chair seats HERE.

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  1. OMG... I was reading, and thought(way before I got to your question)hmm, the seats could use a black So, yes, I think a black stripe on the seats would look great! I am glad you mentioned the "spots". I can't see it much on the monitor, but have had that problem myself. Wax is a brilliant idea. Have you tried the krylon paint/primer spray? I am thinking about trying it.

  2. CUte idea! I think the stencils add a great life to your chairs.

    dana @

    ** Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed **

  3. These turned out so great. Your daughter is lucky to have you to help with her apartment. I will definitely check out those stencils at True Value. Thanks for telling us where you bought them.

  4. oh yeah, I'm voting for a black stripe! I'd also love for you to share these over on Trash To Treasure Tuesdays on the Korner! :)

  5. Hi Danylle, what a lovely mum you are doing this unique chairs for your daughter. I'm sure she loves them in her new apartment. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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